Relationship between gene protein dna and chromosome comparison

relationship between gene protein dna and chromosome comparison

Describe the relationship between cells, chromosomes, genes, and DNA. print Print Chromosomes are composed of protein and long strands of DNA. DNA. DNA stands for What's the difference between speed and velocity? eNotes. Genes specify the structure of particular proteins that make up each cell. Think of it this way: DNA is in genes, genes are on chromosomes. Source: American Association for the Advancement of Science; |; URL: Description: Interactive tutorials on DNA, genes, chromosomes, protein, heredity, and traits. Source: .. The Power of Comparison: Unleashing the Dog Genome.

relationship between gene protein dna and chromosome comparison

They are necessary for building the structural components of the human body, such as muscles and organs. Proteins also determine how the organism looks, how well its body metabolises food or fights infection and sometimes even how it behaves. Proteins are chains of chemical building blocks called amino acids. A protein may contain a few amino acids or it could have several thousands. The size of a protein is an important physical characteristic that provides useful information including changes in conformation, aggregation state and denaturation.

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Protein scientists often use particle size analysers in their studies to discuss protein size or molecular weight. Archibald Garrod Archibald Garrod was one of the first scientists to propose that genes controlled the function of proteins.

Inhe published his observations regarding patients whose urine turned black.

relationship between gene protein dna and chromosome comparison

This condition known as alkaptonuria happens when there is a buildup of the chemical homogentisate, which causes the darkening of urine. In most situations, excess amounts of amino acid phenylalanine are metabolised by the body.

This led Garrod to surmise that the enzyme responsible for its breakdown must be defective in these patients.

Difference Between DNA and Genes

In addition, since the black urine phenotype was passed from generation to generation in a regular pattern, Garrod reasoned that a gene had to be responsible for the production of the defective enzyme. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Each of these links is called a nucleotide. DNA basically contains two copies of 23 chromosomes eachone from the mother and one from the father of the person.

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These are the parts that decide what you basically inherit from your parents. This makes genes only a subset of the DNA. Your genes define the fundamental traits you will inherit from your parents.

Genes, DNA and Chromosomes explained

They are parts of the DNA that determine how the cells are going to live and function. They are special colonies of nucleotides that decide how proteins are going to carry on the process of building and reproducing in your body.

relationship between gene protein dna and chromosome comparison

All living things depend on their genes to determine how they are going to develop in their lives and how they, in turn are going to pass on their genetic traits to their offspring. For instance, if you thought about the human body as a book that contained only DNA, the genes would be the chapter containing instructions on how to make proteins and assist in cell production.

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The other chapters may contain other details like where the cells should start producing new proteins etc. The DNA is like an instruction booklet that determines the traits you are likely to get. The entire DNA in a human body is packaged in the form of chromosomes.

Each of these chromosomes has definite characters that will determine a particular trait.