Relationship between jamal and salim

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relationship between jamal and salim

The trio are reunited years later when Jamal and Salim save Latika from a life of prostitution, but the bitter feelings between the brothers. Some years later, Jamal and Salim return to Mumbai where Jamal searches everywhere The picture freezes over the final kiss between Jamal and Latika and a black .. How would you describe the relationship between Prem and Jamal?. Q: How would you describe the differences in character between Jamal and Salim? In the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” the two brothers, Jamal and Salim.

Jamal bluffs his way in, first pretending to be a cook, then a dishwasher. He is let in and confesses his love for Latika, who is moved but unfazed, realizing she can do nothing. Jamal invites her to meet him at a railway station where he will wait for her every day at 5 o'clock. Javed kicks Jamal out, angry with Jamal's poor cooking abilities.

Jamal is waiting for Latika one afternoon, when Salim, Javed, and a few other of Javed's lieutenants capture Latika and drive off with her, not before knifing her cheek.

relationship between jamal and salim

He is not intending to get rich, but to get Latika's attention so she may find him again. He tries to stay on as long as he can, answering the questions based on his past experiences.

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Because he is a "Slumdog" the host of the show believes he is cheating and his belief is strengthened when he tries to feed Jamal a wrong answer and Jamal still gets it right. He then has Jamal detained before he gets to answer the 20, Rs. The Police find his explanations plausible and allow him to go back and answer the last question. He is supported by thousands of fans in Mumbai who give him their blessings to win the game.

He answers the last question Who is the third musketeer? He calls Salim, who has left his phone to Latika. She answers but cannot help Jamal because she doesn't know either. Eventually Jamal guesses, A: Aramis, and is right, but still depressed at his lack of success in re-uniting with Latika.

However, Latika finds him at the railway station and they finally can be together, for Salim killed Javed and was in turn killed by Javed's minions.

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Jamal finally gets his dance with Latika at the end when the two dance with each other, sometimes alone, sometimes surrounded by a crowd and other times in their childhood. The end credits suggest that Jamal was "destined" to win the money and end up with Latika. Analysis[ edit ] Antonio Sison says in World Cinema, Theology, and the Human that Jamal is "the embodiment of the paradoxical character" of the slum Dharavi.

He says, "In his dogged determination to live and to love though the odds are infinitely stacked up against him, Jamal shows himself to be a son of Dharavi indeed. According to Sison, "Jamal, as a son of Dharavi, represents the human will to live though the social reality warrants suffering and death. The continuum of scenes depicting Jamal's refusal to acquiesce to impossible, oppressive situations, never losing his spirit in his determination to survive and win the game of life, is the locus within which to identify the divine presence, here sublimated in negative contrast experiences.

relationship between jamal and salim

The authors provide a basic case summary and diagnostic impressions and says they "describe what we portray as Jamal's clinically significant negative reactions to his exposure to the traumatic experience of police capture and torture". Yet in the end, Salim, the brother who shot a man for his own security is himself shot.

Salim, the brother who raped Latika, is left by her.

relationship between jamal and salim

Jamal, the brother who loved her, ends up with her. Salim, the brother who took criminal jobs in pursuit of wealth dies with his money stuffed in a bath tub around him, while Jamal becomes fabulously rich. The brother who aggressively pursued all things ends up with nothing.

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The brother who aggressively pursued only love ends up with love — AND everything else. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. And I will also give you wealth, possessions and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have.

This is where the rubber really hits the road in life. Humility, vulnerability, risk, meekness, honesty, and putting the needs of others above ourselves are simply terrible ways to get what you want in the world.

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Fairness is a big deal to me. I always want things to be fair.

relationship between jamal and salim

The movie begins and ends with a question — how did Jamal win all this money? Is he a genius? Is he a cheater? And the answer the movie gives? God IS in control. Be Jamal, not Salim. Pursue love, not self. It may not be wealth, power, fame, or even a spouse.