999 ios syringe ending relationship

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999 ios syringe ending relationship

This lack of connection is surprising because both life history (e.g., clutch size) traits like the piercing syringe-like gentialia of male bed-bugs and female traits .. To this end, we have outlined one such study that could be done to The symposium was supported by both NSF [grant # IOS] and. The narrator gets cut off when in the Safe ending, Ace draws his gun and puts it . The key to the final room in the "good ending" has the Neptune symbol. subtle foreshadowing of the ultimate significance of the Junpei/Akane relationship. .. and the IOS exclusive Syringe ending, where Clover (thinking Junpei killed. If and VLR were 9/10 then this has so far been 6/ . Fine story even though I hated Junpei and Akane's relationship and the puzzles Also, did you know that they added a Syringe ending to in the IOS version.

That stuff Ace took? I got some from his pocket. Either that or the thought of her brother dead caused her to go insane.

What are you doing? Hurry up and grab my hand. Why would I help you?! Remember that Lotus was with her, and they had little choice to do anything else but sit and wait for the four that went through Door 3. It's extremely unlikely that Clover has the foresight to know to take the Soporil.

For all she knew, Ace had taken all of the Soporil when he left-sacrificed himself. The reason she suspected Santa and Seven in the Axe ending is because of the minimum-amount scenario Seven presented At least 2 other people had to verify along with Snakeit had to be them.

As far as I know, this conversation never happened though Clover is pretty smart, she could have gotten the conclusion herself. However, her reasoning here according to Junpei, anyway is that she suspected him because he was insistent on going through Door 3. However this doesn't work so nicely. There's also suspecting the people that actually did go through Door 3 Santa, Junpei, June, and Seventhough there is no real reason to believe that Clover earlier Ace had multiple vials of Soporil to use on multiple people it was explicitly stated that the one vial Ace used was used in its entirety.

Cap was the witness. Ace was supposed to be the one to confess and escape. I'm not sure how Clover got the note from Cap or where he went in the Safe ending providing he was still alive. Odds are that Clover killed Cap in the Safe ending in lieu of Ace, most likely because she found out who he really was.

After rifling through his pockets for the note and his bracelet, she would have easily been able to hide him under the bed, which Junpei notes in scenarios he goes through Door 1, is wide enough to hide it.

Cap could have told her Ace's identity and that he could show up for the confession. She would then go to the hallway near Door 5 to confirm that Kubota's 9 bracelet was stolen, and thus been killed by Ace. What was the point of switching up the bracelet numbers so that June was wearing 0 and Santa was wearing 9, forcing Santa to stay with June no matter what so it doesn't get exposed?

Junpei also mentions during the Safe End that it doesn't make sense that there would be two number 9 bracelets, but then it's never really brought up again. Also, what number was Nijisaki wearing? Whose decision was it to drag the 4 original planners onto the ship? It seems like Santa's idea, given how distraught June is at the thought that anyone's dying; it's also weird how at points she honestly doesn't seem to have any idea what's going on, which doesn't make any sense because unless she's pretending, there's no way she wouldn't recognize her own brother.

Snake just theorizes about Santa having the 0 bracelet not June and June having a reversed 9 bracelet which looks like a 6 when he suspects that Santa is Zero. When it is discovered that Santa is not Zero, his reasoning falls apart, so we can assume that Santa and June really were 3 and 6 after all and Junpei was right about thinking that Snake's theory didn't make sense. Since Ace made Nijisaki go through door 3 with the 1 and 9 bracelets, he could have only been wearing a replica of the 2 bracelet.

Regarding the 4 original planners and June's attitude, it's possible that June just had to go along with what she had seen 9 years ago from Junpei's point of view. No, Snake was actually not so far off. It's actually June who has number 0 since she is ZeroSanta is 9. Word of God confirms this plus the fact that June was the mastermind behind it all and not Santa, even though most people would probably think it to be the other way around.

She "seems nice, but she planned this ruthlessly and she is also someone who would easily kill someone to reach her goal. I'm guessing because 0 and 9 don't change the digital root. That means if things take a turn for the worse they could theoretically also split up and join any team they want. It's pedantic, but, technically, things can't take a turn for the worse — there's only one ending that actually occurs, with the rest being alternate possibilities.

In the Safe End, Akane doesn't leave the hospital and note who stays to watch over her — foreshadowing for the True End! Aoi is later heard as the voice of Zero Word of God states that Zero's voice is Aoi using his psychic powers to "talk" to Junpeiat which point the game restarts. To answer your questions point-by-point: Akane and Aoi already had a digital root of 9 3 and 6 and, if you map the numbered doors and run all possible combinations, Akane and Aoi would remain together assuming you're playing as intended, with no deaths and everyone advancing; once The 9th Man died, Snake had to be removed for his own safety and because of his number.

There are other pairs of 9 — Seven and Snake 7 and 2and, more importantly, Junpei and Clover 5 and 4. Akane had nine years to plan this game, so it's unlikely it's a coincidence that the numbers are distributed the way they are.

You can work with Clover in multiple rooms 1, 7, and 8 and you have to work with her because your pairing doesn't change the digital root the third team member is always the person whose bracelet matches the door number. You could probably find more evidence suggesting that it was Akane's, as Aoi is pretty firm in declaring that he's Zero's "assistant" and not the mastermind of the second game's creation. He is chessmaster-ing the players, but it's Akane's plan, based on her vision from the first game.

As for "June," she is acting and pretending not to know her brother. Multiple cast members are hiding what they know, actually — Clover, Snake, Ace, Santa, and June have all done these puzzles before; only Junpei, Lotus, and Seven are learning the solutions for the first time.

Clover's conversation with Junpei about Locke's Socks and the Ship of Theseus is a metaphor for Akane, based on the creator's interview: Junpei remembers his childhood friend and Akane acts the role accordingly, but she's also Zero. Who is the real Akane? Nijisaki was wearing a 2 bracelet. As for the "point" of Aoi and Akane's actual numbers, it's likely a hint to Junpei, but it's only revealed in the True End.

The Captain's number is "zero" so we think but, when tested, proves to be a six. Junpei references this when he figures out that the final "9" door isn't a number but a letter. It's a subversion of an invoked red herring — Junpei's correct when he says that the Captain's murder is too perfect i.

The remaining players need to consider the idea of bracelet numbers being different than they appear in order for Snake to reveal what he knows about Aoi and Akane, the first Nonary Game, and what he thinks Zero's motives are.

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While he's wrong about the bracelet numbers, his other inferences are correct and allow Junpei's consciousness to make sense of the final puzzle.

The whole Submarine End in general is full of small little holes. First of all, it can be assumed that Ace was the killer, but there's never any confirmation, since he was found dead and was counted among the dead while Junpei was going over the victims in his head before he died. And, if it was him, why did he go all the way back to the grand staircase to appear dead? What was the point of leaving June near the sub?

How the hell did he manage to overpower both Seven and Lotus without Junpei even noticing alright, he was preoccupied with Akane, but still? Similar problems arise if you consider the possibility that Clover is the killer, which isn't too far-fetched. Actually, you could say that it's confirmed that Ace is the killer in the sense that he's the only possible one. Junpei never confirms the death of anyone, but Seven confirms that Clover is dead by checking that she has no pulse. He doesn't confirm the death of anyone else because of Lotus' interruption.

Furthermore, in the CG you can clearly see that the corpses of Santa and Clover are not wearing their bracelets As for the rest, I can only think that Ace killed Santa and Clover, June tried to run away to the sub assuming she has the keys since she is Zero and Ace got her in the sub room, then he thought that it would be dangerous to face Seven head on and played dead, so he could back-stab them later off guard.

Junpei didn't hear anything because he was yelling June's name? Word of God says it's him. He faked his death he hides his bracelet arm if you look after killing Santa and Clover, then followed Junpei, killed Lotus and Seven, then finally killed Junpei. It definitely wasn't Clover, though. For that matter, what did Clover know that let her find the note to begin with? This may have spoilers for you if you haven't done the Safe or True ending, but its widely believed that Ace is the killer in the Knife ending.

Anyway, there's nothing that says she didn't pick up the note, but in the Axe ending, she was too driven by revenge to care about the meaning of some strange note she found on the corpse.

And the note was in the guy's front pocket She didn't need to know beforehand that there was actually any note with any special meaning, which is to say, simple searching abilities let her find the note. You might want to get a second opinion if you're curious, but I don't think the note is very relevant in the Knife and Axe endings. Who says she doesn't find it? It doesn't matter if she does, she won't make it out anyway.

Word of God confirms that she does not make it out in that ending. Clover only gets the note from Musashidou if he is alive when she enters the Captain's quarters, which is only possible in the Knife and Safe ending, because Ace does not go through door 1.

This is why she goes missing in the Knife ending; Ace found her first and killed her, just as he does in the Safe ending. Where did June disappear to when they mentioned Akane was dead in the incinerator? June simply snuck out of the incinerator when no-one was looking. It's as simple as that. How did she sneak out? She somehow managed to get through the room and the door with no one noticing anything?

Don't underestimate her skills: How did she have a morphic resonance with Junpei instead of Santa, her brother? Or did she have a connection to both of them? Akane was supposed to have formed a morphic resonance with Aoi, but couldn't because she was mistakenly placed in the wrong group. A key requirement for morphic resonance is that both the transmitter and the receiver have to going through the exact same experiences, and Akane couldn't do that considering Aoi was standing next to her.

However, there was one other receiver with whom Akane shared a strong bond and who was in the exact same situation as her: Junpei, nine years in the future. How was Akane able to plan the Nonary Game with Santa if she's been dead for 9 years? She formed a morphic resonance with Junpei at the end of her Nonary Game and that saved her life. Anyone who says otherwise is collaborating with Akane and Aoi.

Who was talking over the speaker when June was with everybody? The simplest explanation is that the voice over the speaker was a recording. No, it answers Ace's question. She, well, had a canon to follow and it became a recording. But there could be problems with recording anyways, and I think it were just a random Akane's worker - she had an organization all to herself and used plenty of help in getting the true ending. It does state that it's Zero speaking, but it also identifies as a captain of a ship, which surely is not true.

It's Zero we're talking about; she could pull this off. As for answering Ace: Where did Santa and Ace go after going through the incinerator door? Why did they find Ace and not Santa and June? How come the news just forgot two of the missing kids? Forgive me for having so many questions, but I am more confused than Lotus is by the end. Akane had already left the incinerator when Santa and Ace exited.

From there, they simply left the "ship" perhaps on a lower level, rather than from above, as the second group did. Aoi had Ace at gunpoint, and since the second team finds Ace bound and gagged in the trunk of the SUV, it's implied that Aoi and Akane left him there so that he could be turned over to the judicial system and punished for his crimes.

As for why the second team didn't find Aoi and Akane: There's a car with a full gas tank waiting for them and they're following another car's tracks, but they aren't shown meeting up with Akane and Aoi. It's easy to follow tracks through a desert, but once you're on actual roads, it's pretty hard to find a car when you don't know what the car looks like or which direction it's going. For the kidnapped kids discrepancy, it is because Santa and June were orphans and were not reported missing by anybody.

999 ios syringe ending relationship

I have more questions, but I fear that it would annoy people a lot more if I happened to ask all of them. But, here's one more to add to the pile; what did the astrological symbols mean? They didn't symbolize or relate to anything else in the story, other than some locked doors. The solar system keys are in relation to the fact that, until a few years ago, nine planets were part of our solar system. So the number is important in and of itself. The Sun door cannot be affected by the participants of the Nonary game, not unlike the planets cannot truly affect the sun.

Zero was more or less setting the planets aligned. IIRC most of the keys are used in the order of the planets throughout the game Correct me where I'm inaccurate. Near the end, Snake is wearing a cloak. This is important because if you look closely, the cloak has the symbol for Pluto, which makes him a key. This is also a reference to Pluto, the Roman equivalent of Hades, the Greek god of the dead, quite fitting where he is found at that point.

Please excuse the rambling, hopefully this was coherent. Actually, there do seem to be some encoded hints in the astrological symbols. The only two keycards instead of keys used in the main game are for Mercury light blue card for the 1st planet and Saturn violet card for the 6th planet.

The Mercury and Saturn cards both open elevators whose inner doors have the symbol for a nine-rayed sun the central 0th planet of the solar system, so to speak. Akane's name means "red", her original Japanese alias was "Murasaki" purpleand her brother's name sounds as the same as the common word for "blue" though written with a different kanji.

Answering the very first set of questions, it's possible that Akane had a connection with Santa and Junpei, and that was how everything was set up. Her past self was contacting Santa, telling him what he had to do to safely replicate the game so that everyone could go through and she could survive.

As for how Santa managed it, he would have had the money if you ask him if he means gambling "like the stock market", he tells you that he did make a lot of money through Cradle stocks and the knowledge he was in the game, so he knew where and how everything went. He was the one who actually stood in for Zero, wearing the gas mask and kidnapping everyone, and he made the recording on Akane's behalf. As for why Akane had Junpei help her solve the puzzle instead of Santa, there are a number of reasons.

Maybe she wanted to fill the last position with someone who she trusted but who was not involved in the original game, so he'd be a third party of sorts. Or, it could be that her connection to Junpei was stronger than the one to Santa, thus making him a better option as her transmitter. Or, she could just have felt better knowing that she was being helped by her old childhood friend.

Mind, all of the above is just speculation.

999 ios syringe ending relationship

The connection to Junpei was stronger because there was no emergency with Santa. Santa had long gotten over the fact that his sister died and the spark to save her only re-emerged when he started getting her messages. Note that both Santa and Junpei are natural receivers and Akane is a natural transmitter, it could be that the only time they could gain enough power to change their method of accessing the fields is at a time of extreme and very real danger The True Ending.

I answered all of this above, from Word of God. The person in the gas mask actually was Akane. It's even shown in the game — her face switches with the gas mask of somewhat similar shape.

But she obviously wasn't dragging sleeping bodies around by herself. I thought it was interesting how all the characters state they were kidnapped at midnight - June's got some fast ways. Or some of them slept quite a time, though it's doubtful she waited for that hour just to get a person or two for one day. What was Aoi, an orphan, doing in a private school uniform?

It's possible that he was attending the private school before his parents died, and he simply didn't drop out afterward; at one point he talks about saving up all year to buy presents for his little sister, but he would have been too young to actually have a paying job, so he had to have been getting money one way or another.

All transmissions from Akane aside, he did have to re-build and orchestrate the second Nonary Game and all of its door combinations the badge puzzles in the Zero's Lab section suggest that it was a testing machine for the numbered doors effectively by himself, so it's not like he isn't extremely intelligent. Foreshadowing why Junpei didn't know Akane had a brother and why the two of them will be going to different schools the next year.

I don't think Junpei didn't know that Akane has a brother, he knew that he exists, they just never met. Note that when they're discussing Akane's brother he's never like "Akane has a brother?! It's possible that the school has a need-based scholarship as well.

It's important not to forget that neither Santa nor June actually set up any of the puzzles. They simply made use of Building Q as it already was 9 years ago - all they did was kidnap everyone, plant bombs in the Cradle execs, and let the morphic field do the rest.

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Except, of course, altering the final puzzle, which in the first Nonary Game immediately shut off the incinerator and reactivated the ability to scan the bracelet needed to complete the "9", and in the second Nonary Game merely revealed the solution that the "9" was really a "q". The real question to all of this is why someone who could plan out this entire elaborate Gambit Roulette can't solve a Sudoku puzzle on her own.

Probably because she had no idea what it was. It's rather surprising that no one recognizes a Sudoku puzzle, but if you were presented with a strange grid of numbers and had never heard of Sudoku before, and in addition, you were under stress because there was a time limit before you got incinerated, it's not strange to think she needed help. There's nothing saying she couldn't figure out a Sudoku. Her situation was that she had fifteen minutes to solve one with the threat of being incinerated if she failed, and she only had one chance with no hope of escape otherwise.

Plus, she was a scared child with literally no time to collect her wits. She didn't plan it all out in the past. She planned it after she escape over the course of 9 years. Another thing, while the game has intense music while you try to finish the puzzle, there is no time limit in the present future?

It's justified because Akane already has experienced the other timelines with no apparent actually time being spent at all, so while Junpei gets all the time in the world to finish the puzzle, the only time Akane spent was actually typing in the numbers, and possibly crying for him to help her.

It's obviously implied during The Stinger that Junpei's SUV caught up with Aoi's and they moved Ace, but there's no mention of if they were driving together or if they split up at that point for whatever reason. What was that reason? Was Akane with them? Why aren't their names mentioned again at all? However, they still wanted Ace to go on trial, so maybe they dropped him off the back of the truck still tied up so the others would find him while following the tracks, without there being an actual exchange.

It's actually not implied that Junpei and the rest ever caught up with Aoi and Akane. In fact, Junpei's first thought after exiting the game is I really must be crazy about the girl if I'm willing to spend the rest of my life chasing her.

The above-linked Word of God states that, no, there is no reunion between Jumpy and Kanny at the end of the first game. As for why Ace was in the trunk, Aoi and Akane were the ones who left an SUV with a full tank of gas there for the team — they threw a bound-and-gagged Ace into the trunk so that he would be brought to justice.

If Aoi simply killed Ace, then "the truth would be lost. It's mentioned that Ace seems "broken," and the fact that he fell into Akane's trap seems to be what shatters him moreso than the fact that, you know, he's committed multiple murders. The fact that his co-conspirators' bodies remain on the replica ship make it pretty easy to build a case against him and link Cradle to the original kidnappings. This also explains why Akane is still on the run: Although the severity of Ace's prosopagnosia is unknown, the Other Wiki's definition mentions that being unable to distinguish hair colours isn't a symptom, and that sufferers often use hair style and color as one indicator to tell people apart.

That said, how could he have mistaken the black-haired Nijisaki for Snake? And unless the explosion completely removed all traces of his hair, wouldn't one of the others have also picked up on the fact that Snake didn't have black hair? Anime hair colors are often taken as a style thing rather than representative, so it might be that they all have black hair.

Not to mention the fact that, despite Junpei's incredibly detailed overview of the corpse, no one really got a good look at the corpse. I mean, really, even Clover didn't notice that the corpse had two arms, while she knew her brother only had one real one. Justified however, since Clover would hardly want to see Snake's body, if he had just exploded. She mentions at one point that she could hardly look at him. Though the latter part mostly works because it is a gruesome death scene and no-one likes to look at the victim's face that long while the rest of his body is mush Coupled with the shock it is no wonder no-one notices the difference.

None of them is used to seeing corpses to think rationally and look closely for long. The original problem could be explained with Ace's carelessness. It's just that the formerly useless REDs are functioning and that someone must have done something. Or just the hurry alone caused him to overlook that part. He saw the clothes and the bracelet number and that was enough for him. Plus the person reacted to the name he was called.

999 ios syringe ending relationship

Add that to the killing intent that was primary in Ace's head and that leads to carelessness. Now if we also assume he decided to kill Snake right there and then I mean the decision to kill was already there but when and how was not decided yet, I guesshe didn't have much time to take action and just did.

Like said, carelessness, it can have many reasons. It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough to fool someone who's not looking too hard, and it's something that Zero- magnificent bastard that she is- would undoubtedly have thought of. Second, Ace clearly has trouble telling everyone apart by hairstyle.

When he was asked to put the headshot cards in the correct slots, he couldn't do it. There are three people who should be immediately doable, the 9th Man, Clover, and Seven- they all have immediate distinguishing features glasses, ear muffs, and a hat that don't depend on facial features or hairstyle.

Next are June, Lotus, and Santa. June's hair is much longer than everyone else's, Lotus's is in a very distinctive braid, and Santa's is a distinctive color.

Syringe Ending

Ace's hair is also fairly distinctive. The only two that he could conceivably get confused on are Junpei and Snake. He hadn't memorized everyone's hairstyles yet, and so was going solely by clothing and voice.

Also, considering how frustrated Ace is with his inability to recognize faces, it's likely that he prefers to simply not look at people's heads in general. Simple deduction I guess? This is explicitly confirmed by Ace. He might also have recognized Snake's voice. The first, Junpei states that Ace used Soporil on himself on purpose in order to prevent the others from going through Door 3, which would reveal the death of "Snake". Ace denies this and says he was just acting altruistically.

Junpei argues that he knew that the doors would lead back to the hospital room, but Ace denies this as well. Junpei then reveals his second piece of evidence: He states that someone who could differentiate human faces wouldn't make the mistake Ace did. He reveals that Clover told him Snake had a prosthetic left arm, and that the bone in the left arm Guy X's corpse in the shower room was exposed.

Ace states that he has no motives, but Junpei says he has two motives. The first being that Snake knew about Ace's past and the second being that Snake had a grudge against Ace due to the First Nonary Gameand that he might strike back. Santa asks what the grudge was and Junpei shows him the paper he got from the safe. He reads part of it which says that the person with the number 2 bracelet played before and that it was organised by Gentarou Hongou.

Ace says he was being framed, and Junpei uses this to his advantage, saying Ace's real name is Gentarou Hongou. Ace asks how he could have killed Guy X, saying he could do it on his own, but Junpei says he could of and puts his hands in his pockets saying he took something of Ace while he was unconscious.

On instinct Ace puts his hands in his pockets, and Junpei smiles, his trap working and reveals Ace has the number 9 bracelet.

999 ios syringe ending relationship

He explains that he could have used his own bracelet along with Guy X's and the 9th Man's to open Door 3. Ace laughs, revealing himself to be the killer. Ace then laughs, admits he is the killer and that he took the knife and Bracelet 9 from the First Class Cabin and then killed Guy X and that he is also the killer of Clover, as Ace was worried Clover found something in Door 1 and that Snake might have told Clover something. He admits to being defeated by Zero but not by Junpei.

Lotus then punches Ace, who grabs her and puts a gun to her face, which he obtained from Door 6. He then admits to being the killer of the 9th Man, by tricking him into believing the DEADs were modified and going into Door 5. He explains his motives, being that the 9th Man knew Ace, to obtain the Number 9 bracelet as it is an important number, and that he wanted to see if the Nonary Game was a joke or not.

He then leaves for Door 9. June suffers from her fever and stays in the large hospital room with Santa. Junpei and Seven reach the funeral room only to find a fleeing Ace. Junpei hears a bumping in the nearby coffin and, using the "sinister hand" tip, frees an oddly-clothed Snake.

Snake grabs Ace, ready to kill him. Finding the incinerator room with Ace and Lotus, Ace reveals his evildoings to Snake, who goes on a rampage against his nemesis to avenge Clover's death. Ace wastes all six of the golden gun's bullets on Snake, who holds him in the incinerator until they both burn alive.

Junpei finds Akane collapsed on the floor. Junpei, Seven, and Lotus manage to escape. Junpei goes to fetch the other two, but finds an unconscious June on the ground. Zero contacts him, saying that he Zero lost the game. A gas grenade appears and knocks Junpei unconscious. This ending is necessary in order to get the True Ending, due to past Akane's morphic resonance on the "sinister hand" tip.

One of the most confusing endings and by far the most neutral one, we don't know what happens to Junpei after he talks to Zero, what happens to Seven and Lotus, and what happened to Santa. Since it's later revealed that Santa is Zero's assistant, there is little to no reason for him to leave June.

There's a possibility that Santa returned Seven, Lotus, and Junpei to their regular lives after knocking them out at the end of the game. This ending is best enjoyed being your second to last one, just before the True Ending. The revelations on Ace's story can affect the next endings heavily.

In this one, after the discovery of Door 9Clover insists on going through Door 2 which at this point in this pathway, is the only Numbered Door unexplored by the playerswith SantaJune and Seven.

Clover says that they may find another exit, noting how it would not be possible for the 7 of them to all go through Door 9 at this point, they were unaware of the fact that there were two Door 9s. The four of them depart, while Ace has a private talk with Lotus to "show her something", and Junpei stays behind to wait.

In shock, Junpei stares upon the bracelets of his deceased friends. After some time, Clover returns alone, and reveals the others' bracelets to Junpei.

Clover also killed a defending June because she "got in the way". Junpei is distraught and shocked at the news of June's death. Junpei killed by Clover. Despite his distraught and heartbreak, Junpei accepts the offer, only to get chopped in the neck by the axe that was in the Captain's Quarters.

999 ios syringe ending relationship

Clover walks toward Door 9 as Junpei watches her sickening grin while dying and bleeding to death on the floor. However, it is not clear exactly what happens after Clover departs in this ending. Perhaps she would confront Ace and the two would either work together or engage in a battle. Perhaps she would learn that Snake is alive, which would be extremely traumatic for her to realize that she killed three innocent people.

The director himself said that he "didn't believe Clover made it out" in this ending.