Band baaja baaraat ending relationship

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band baaja baaraat ending relationship

An interview with Bitoo Sharma's and Shruti Kakkar's marriage counsellor, By the end of Band Baaja Baaraat, the duo left us with all kinds of. Band Baaja Baaraat () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more This risk had paid off, as the end product is something relatively refreshing and . How their relationship go through various Ups and Downs is shown as movie progress . Mayank Shekhar's review: Band Baaja Baraat. Bittoo and Shruti start a But the realism is pretty much where the enjoyment ends. Or begins.

band baaja baaraat ending relationship

June Learn how and when to remove this template message Bittoo Sharma Ranveer Singh is street-smart and fun-loving. He gatecrashes a wedding for free food, and Shruti Kakkar Anushka Sharmaan intelligent and quirky girl who is assisting the wedding coordinator, confronts him. Bittoo pretends he is part of the film crew and makes a video of her performance when he sees her dancing at the wedding.

The next day, he tries to impress Shruti with a DVD he compiled of her dance at the wedding. Shruti is not interested in flirting and reveals her main interest is becoming a wedding planner. Bittoo is under pressure from his father Govind Pandey to come back to the village and work on sugarcane fields; Shruti is being coaxed into getting married as soon as possible by her relatives.

After her exams are over, Shruti makes a deal with her parents that she has 5 years to get her business up and running before they arrange a marriage. When Bittoo's father comes to take him back to his village, Bittoo lies he cannot come back because he is starting a wedding planning business.

He goes to Shruti with the idea of becoming her business partner, but she refuses because she is worried a partnership might lead to a romantic complication.

She tells Bittoo the number one rule of business is not let love get in the way. Chanda shows no interest in Shruti but loses one of her male workers and offers Bittoo the job. Bittoo accepts on the condition he and Shruti are hired together.

On the job, Shruti learns Chanda has bad work ethic, cheats her clients, and delivers nothing according to their wishes. When a client confronts Chanda, she blames Shruti. Bittoo defends Shruti and the two of them quit and form their own company, Shruti's original idea of Shaadi Mubaarak Congratulations on the Wedding. They begin with small, low-budget projects and gradually work their way up. They finally get their first big client.

After the initial honeymoon phase, they began to realise that they are both too similar and have the same borderline narcissistic personalities. A fact I learned myself when they narrated the story of the first wedding they planned together: Yes, that it is.

Wait, what do you mean not completely? I mean, while there was no conspiracy with Chanda, Bitoo later admitted that he did in fact marry Shruti mainly for other reasons. It was a ruthless start-up acquisition. Once Shru realised this, the couple began to see me. Apart from that, Shruti also regularly laments at how she should have never trusted a guy who wears blazer jackets loud enough to put Ganpati processions to shame.

Plus, the lawsuit against Bitoo and Shruti in only made things worse.

Mayank Shekhar's review: Band Baaja Baraat

I don't know if Ranveer Singh will emulate his acting in future movies or improve on it but his role in this movie was really tailor made for him. The plus side is that the characters were more Indian mentality based as opposed to trying to act as westernized people which has been the case for quite a lot of young actors and actresses these days.

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  • Anushka Sharma: From the quirky Shruti in ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ to Jagat Janani in ‘PK’

Ranveer and Anushka complement each other very well, especially in the comedy scenes and the initial interaction. Anushka falters a bit in the emotional element but that can be forgiven. She's young and has time to improve. This is also the first movie where her male costar actually looks more her age, unlike her pairings with Akshay and Shahrukh thus far.

band baaja baaraat ending relationship

The initial story is fresh and good and it's interesting to see the two main characters set up their business and forge a partnership. It stumbles after their quarrel and from there on it becomes a case of following the well used and typical path to a conclusion that was never in doubt, nor surprising.

Still, it's worth watching.

Band Baaja Baaraat -- Dilli Delights | Scribbles and Ramblings

Songs are great and both actors are excellent dancers. I liked the trio of supporting cast in the flower arranger, the cook and the music guy. Ranveer and Anushka have shown that you don't need a star father, uncle, or mother to make it in show business and that it's the ability to act rather than who's name you have that makes a big difference.

Sadly, bollywood will always give preferential treatment to truly awful sons and daughters of the stars of yesterday and nothing to promising and talented non related people.

But in the meantime enjoy a little gem of a movie and when "Ainwayi Ainvayi" plays turn up the sound!

band baaja baaraat ending relationship

Few days back, we all saw how the media world made everyone on earth go gung ho about the royal wedding. Isn't every marriage in India a royal event in itself? Most of the successful Indian movies would have one thing in common - it would feature a grand marriage ceremony - a.