British raj india relationship with europe

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british raj india relationship with europe

As India celebrates 70 years of independence from the British, there is A history not solely defined by the Raj, but one that evolved during a Every time war broke out between the British and French in Europe, south India. The countdown to leave the European Union began in the British summer . Many in India are also unaware of the extent of despair the Raj brought The surprising aspect of India's relationship with the empire is that while. The Indian–British relations are foreign relations between the Republic of India and the United Partition of India created new entities out of the erstwhile British Raj: India & Pakistan. . Prime Minister Theresa May visited India on 6 November in her first bilateral visit to a non-European country since becoming Prime.

Many Britons believe the empire was a good thing.

british raj india relationship with europe

To me, those statistics actually showed how poorly history has been taught in Britain. Regardless of British wishes, the once-subject nations are no longer supplicants. Prime minister Theresa May was in for a rude shock in November when she raised the topic of a free-trade agreement with her Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi. He wanted more visas for Indian students and easier migration. May could not agree: Modi said fine — and there was no deal.

british raj india relationship with europe

Jeremy Corbyn insists UK cannot remain in single market after Brexit Read more Shashi Tharoor, the Indian diplomat-turned-politician, has written an engrossing account of British rule, Inglorious Empire Scribe,which provides a powerful reality check. For while Naipaul to some extent saw India as an unmitigated disaster redeemed by the benign, benevolent hand of British rule, Tharoor forcefully argues that colonial rule not only impoverished India, but enfeebled it.

Independence: Do Indians care about the British any more?

Some of this revisionist writing provides a comic-book version of the empire where the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was an aberration.

The power of that narrative is formidable. India served as the main base for the British Empire 's expansion across Asia and would remain the empire's most important colony until independence.

Queen Victoria became Empress of India in From a small trading outpost, India became the jewel in the British crown. British Raj — [ edit ] Further information: Inthe area, which included modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, became "the Indian Empire" often known historically as the "British Raj" with British Monarch Queen Victoria proclaimed as " Empress of India " a title held by her successors until Partition of India created new entities out of the erstwhile British Raj: Dominion of India — [ edit ] Further information: King George VIwho as British Monarch had been " Emperor of India ", abandoned this title inand served as India's ceremonial head of state as 'King of India' in much the same way, he also served as 'King of Pakistan'.

british raj india relationship with europe

In India became a Republic and the link with the British crown was severed. Republic of India since [ edit ] Further information: Both Britain and India have since pursued quite divergent diplomatic paths.

India–United Kingdom relations

In particular, India became a major force within the Non-Aligned Movementwhich initially sought to avoid taking sides during the Cold War. Political and diplomatic relations between the two countries have generally been cordial but lacking in depth.

british raj india relationship with europe

Former Indian Prime-Minister I. While historical research into this subaltern figure is currently in its early stages, one nineteenth-century Tamil text, the Sarva-Deva-Vilasatrains a lens on the rich artistic life of the city, its indigenous leaders — including several named dubashes — and how both East and West mimicked each other.

Just as the English followed the dubashi trend of building garden houses in and around Madras, the dubashes constructed mansions and, imitating their colonial patrons, developed a taste for Western music and morning horse rides.

India–United Kingdom relations - Wikipedia

In the text, it describes how the dubashes rode "with numerous hounds and accompanied by English ladies". Although this image captures a pivotal moment and the intimacy of relations with the English, the narrator also criticises their foreign overlords and the way in which the colonial state was threatening to destabilise the position of the indigenous elite. There are other figures such as the banias from Kolkata who illustrate the complexity of such encounters between East and West, and who also suggest the potential that can arise when multiple relationships and individuals intersect.

british raj india relationship with europe

So, as we celebrate India's independence — and throughout the rest of this UK-India year of culture — let us examine our points of connection, of symbiosis and where cultural exchange occurs. By understanding why that can go so wrong — and it did during the Raj, hideously so — we have the chance to re-examine our own shared history in a way that is not nostalgic or airbrushed, but nuanced and one hopes, more authentic.