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Pakistan 'important' to Canada: Minister |

canadian pakistan relationship

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday issued a statement on Pakistan's Independence Day. “Today, we join the people of. Canada–Pakistan relations refer to relations between Canada and Pakistan. Canada is represented through its High Commission in Islamabad as well as. 3. PAKISTAN-CANADA RELATIONS. Mehrunnissa Ali. With Canada Pakistan has close and friendly relations. Prime Minister. Trudeau's visit in January

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However, it is far below the existing potential and both sides are working together to enhance bilateral trade. A significant Pakistani diaspora are active contributors to Canada economy and welfare.

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What are the statistics numbers of Pakistanis over in Canada? Furthermore, what is the role playing by Pakistani High Commission for their development and nurturing? There are almost half a million Canadians of Pakistani origin. First and foremost, there is a dire need for Pakistani Canadians to get involved in mainstream Canada to work on the issues affecting them in their adopted land. The Community needs to devise a strategy to introduce our rich and diverse cultural values to the Canadians and to promote understanding and goodwill for our Community and social values.

In my interaction with Community I persuade them to actively participate in the Canadian politics, culture and charitable events. Canada is one of the important country of North America.

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Recently Pakistani Commerce Minister visit to Canada, which shows that Pakistan seeks greater market access for its exports to Canada. And how do you see the export opportunities for Pakistani businesses to Canada? The Commerce Minister of Pakistan, Mr.

The last bilateral visit of any of our Federal Minister at the invitation of Government of Canada took place in The Minister had a detailed meeting with Mr. The Minister informed the Canadian counterpart that under the WTO, Pakistan is looking for level playing field for export of its goods to Canadian market and issues like, travel advisory for visit to Pakistan and visa restrictions for Pakistani businessmen are hampering bilateral trade.

canadian pakistan relationship

He urged for immediate removal of these irritants in order to enhance bilateral trade volume. Both the sides agreed to hold high powered joint working group meeting in Islamabad during March to remove the hurdles in enhancing bilateral trade and to engage meaningfully to develop partnership in economic, trade, agriculture and investment sectors. The Minister also met with Mr.

Ahmed Hussen, Minister for Immigration, Mr. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to put across our point of view on issues of importance to us. What are the diverse trading prospects that Pakistan is offering to Canada to invest in Pakistan? What are the areas which Pakistan and Canada can explore to cooperate with each other? With million consumers, Pakistan is a promising market.

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I appreciate the interest of Canadian energy firms to explore the market in Pakistan in recent months. Likewise, Pakistani businessmen attend the textile, construction and food industry exhibitions in Canada regularly. As a High Commissioner, your role is very crucial in the bilateral ties and have keen eye on International relations. My questions is that how do you see the current polarization in bilateral ties among the nations?

Pakistan 'important' to Canada: Minister

And how Pakistan can get benefits in new paradigms of relations and ties? I believe that personal contacts matters and regular exchange of visits by officials, businessmen and people to people contacts could bring together nations. Pakistan can benefit from enhancing economic and trade relations with the international community and in this regard Pakistani diaspora can also play important role in bridging the gaps.

What are the facilities and policies you developed in the High Commissionfor the Pakistanis living in Canadaafter joining themission? Our policies are focused on providing improved counselor facilities at the High Commission and the Consulates for Pakistani-Canadians.

We try to provide better services to the community members. You are actively participating in culture and other events in Canadaregularly. In these modern days, the importance of cultural ties has been increased so much. What do you think what further steps should be taken to enhance and boost cultural ties between Pakistan and Canada furthermore? Canada pursues a broad range of interests in its bilateral relations with Pakistan. Major points of mutual interest include people-to-people links, governance and democracy, human rights, climate change, development cooperation, regional security and defence, transnational crime, and trade and investment.

Both countries also participate actively on the international stage as members of the United Nations, including through the Conference of Parties for the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Both have a long history of significant contributions to peacekeeping.

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Canada and Pakistan are also members of the Commonwealth, the Heart of Asia Istanbul Process related to security in Afghanistan and the wider region, and the Malta Process related to international child abductions. This includes the full participation of women in the democratic process.

canadian pakistan relationship

More broadly, Canada encourages all countries to promote and protect human rights and appreciates ongoing and open dialogue with Pakistan on human rights, including the rights of women and of religious minorities, in a spirit of mutual respect. To address the global challenge of climate change, Canada ratified the Paris Agreement in October Congratulations to Pakistan and all others that have also ratified the Agreement.

Canada supports international efforts to help developing countries build resilience against the adverse effects of climate change and achieve sustained emissions reductions.