Laotang relationship

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laotang relationship

Despite this fact, I have been able to gather that the story of Snowflower and her relationship with her laotong, Lily is particularly pertinent to the. Laotong is a type of relationship within Chinese culture, which was practised in Hunan, that bonded two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters. There were. "Lao tong" is an ancient Chinese phrase meaning "friends for life," and it's fostering better relationships between China and the United States.

Moreover, the story concerned a secret lifelong friendship between two girls in 19th century China.

The Meaning of Lao Tong

Not your automatic blockbuster topic! Finally, I knew that by deciding the film should be shot in China itself -- where I'd lived until I was 19 years old -- I was setting the biggest hurdle of all.

laotang relationship

But the universal theme of intense, fearless friendship resonated so strongly with me that I felt confident my dreams for the film would come true. The word "lao tong," once holding a historic meaning, now had a modern and relevant definition for me. In fact, even before we launched the production process, I found my amazing family of lao tongs rallying around me.

laotang relationship

These connections kept me feeling brave. The wonderful writer Amy Tan introduced me to Lisa See's novel. Without Amy's friendship, I would never have been inspired to start this project. My great friend Florence Sloan joined as my supportive and strong producing partner and together we found ourselves lucky enough to have a director of the caliber of Wayne Wang sign on to work with us.

Everyone involved with the production wanted to live up to this good fortune. All the people who dedicated themselves to helping us throughout the filming and after are my lao tongs, whether or not I knew them before we began working together.

laotang relationship

How appropriate that in creating a film with a tale of powerful friendship at its core, I should feel myself embraced by so many supportive friends! Their relationship was recognized and respected by their families, and considered very healthy, especially psychologically.

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Laotong Centuries ago, in China, in the Hunan Province and likely extending beyond… Was a similar practice. Before marriage, groups of women who were friends formed a bond known as Laotang.

New Laotang relationships could be formed later, between married or widowed women within the same community. This was an extrodinarlily beautiful, rare and formal relationship between women.

Traditions & Customs

A woman could only have one Laotong, and the unbreakable bond was for life — in good times and in bad, over distance and time. The women could form unions before marriage, and stay connected even after marriage, regardless of their circumstances. Their union was recognized and respected by their families, and their husbands. They could even travel to visit their Laotong, if they are apart, and stay with them for some time.

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The women developed a secret language to communicate their troubles without worry of being understood or punished, the language was a type of Nu Shu. Laotong relationships were formed by matchmakers, just like arranged marriages.