Parvathi menon facebook official relationship

The unbearable heaviness of being Parvathy

Parvathi Menon. likes · 2 talking about this. My Official Page. Parvathy menon. likes · 31 talking about this. parvathi menon. Create a Page. Like. Share. Suggest Edits Parvathy menon updated their cover photo. Dec 24, South Indian actor Parvathy, popularly known as Parvathy Menon, had declared a She's spoken about it at length in this Facebook post.

When Sneha asks Parvathy about the time when she took a "break" from her career, Parvathy replies that it hadn't been a break and that she just didn't receive any calls during the period.

I'd rather be a pauper than do item numbers or 5 songs in Switzerland: Actor Parvathy

I don't do endorsements or anything, so I was not even seen," she says. Parvathy then showed the anchor a tattoo on her wrist '' which was the amount she had in the bank at the time. It was just a week before I had to move out that I got the audition call for Maryan.

parvathi menon facebook official relationship

Thankfully I got through and I got my advance. And I was like ok, safe for another few months! I thought I'd rather be a pauper, I'm fine," she says.

Parvathy shared that she completed her MA in Literature, studied and watched a lot of movies, in that period. She added that she was ready to do any other job than take up acting work where she'd be required to compromise on her dignity or sleep.

Commenting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Parvathy said that it was the norm in the industry and that sexual misconduct was widely prevalent.

parvathi menon facebook official relationship

So you always hush-hush, you know," she says, going on to explain that even if people might take a sympathetic note, it ends with a "it happens" resignation towards such incidents. Parvathy recounted that she'd been harassed as a child, as a schoolgirl, on the roads and at her workplace.

These days, things have changed. We're talking about no is no. But back when I was a teenager I believe that I am a bit of everything and so are [sic] everyone else. I also do not believe that any of these aspects are of any value in defining how well I live or how qualified I am at work.

They ask very blatantly as if it is their right. I have said no. In the scene that she refers to, Mammootty grabs the belt of a junior female police officer and threatens to break her menstruation cycle. She was heavily trolled on social media by fans of the superstar and issued death and rape threats. It is quite evident to all that this is merely a publicity stunt hoping to garner fame. It is why no one else did. As Panicker himself said, the film released over a year ago.

It is between those who have supported her and those who have stayed silent.

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In this case, silence says so much more than words — of the power of the superstars, of the embedded chauvinism in the industry, of the equilibrium which many actors both male and female are scared of disturbing. The unconventional actor, who is changing even the way conversations are made about cinema, has had a rather conventional background.

The unbearable heaviness of being Parvathy

The daughter of a public sector bank officer and a lawyer, Parvathy has had a middle-class upbringing, with hardly any connection to the world of cinema. It was a part-time gig as a TV anchor and a win in a local beauty contest that led Parvathy to her debut film Out of Syllabus in But it was an acting workshop later that year — as part of her second film, Notebook — that really drew her into the world of cinema.

She was selective about her roles, even then, even when it meant going without work for over a year-and-a-half and a dwindling bank balance. Film critic Neelima Menon, who runs the film website www. The film worked because of her. There will be obstacles, but I am not going anywhere. The attacks on Parvathy in December marked the end of a turbulent year for Malayalam cinema.

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It was a year in which a wellknown actor was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Shockingly, one of the most popular male actors, Dileep, was arrested in the case. Worse, many stalwarts of the industry expressed support for the accused and cast aspersions on the survivor.

parvathi menon facebook official relationship

It was also a year in which women in the film industry came together to voice their rights and formed Women in Cinema Collective. While trolls attacking women is not new, many were taken aback to see it happening in Kerala, a state considered to be relatively progressive. Damodaran, the first woman scriptwriter in Malayalam cinema, says the term progressive has to be used within inverted commas.

The wives of these so-called progressive men will be at home cooking dinner, while they are out attending film festivals.