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The following is a list of characters who first appeared in the first series of school drama Chlo and Mika's father Jimmy Grainger also appears, as does Donte's father Clarence . Grieving for their friend, Tom and Izzie reunite, in which Tom proposes. At the When the affair is exposed, Chlo flees Waterloo Road in shame. Janeece Bryant first appeared on Waterloo Road as a cheeky pupil with a big heart. best friend Maxine Barlow and good friends Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles. During her final year of high school she also had a brief relationship with . Janeece was quickly proposed to by her boyfriend but he never turned up at the. Chloé "Chlo" Charles (Née Grainger) married her boyfriend Donte Charles She embarked on an affair with her sister Mika's boyfriend Brett Aspinall, but once it She has graduated from Waterloo Road and is now attending university and.

He targeted both in an effort to have the school shut down but was ultimately unsuccessful, although he did manage to get Karen suspended. Rob Scotcher The new, somewhat complacent site manager.

Chlo Grainger

Coached Daniel on being a better teacher, became Karen's new love interest and had a strained relationship with his son.

Became a qualified teacher before leaving the show midway through season seven. Jodie "Scout" Allen A student with a difficult home life and a quick wit. Surprised everyone by also being very good at school. Unwashed, unfed, and expected to provide for her family by her feckless mother. At least, until Chris steps in. She's been manipulated into the role of provider by her neglectful mother, and it's made very clear that she cannot cope.

She Cleans Up Nicely: Denzil's reaction to seeing her washed and in a uniform. Her wisecracking and good-natured cheek are a facade calculated to hide her very real issues. Madi Diamond Jez's daughter. A party girl with a bad habit for flirting.

Got on well with her stepmum and followed her to Scotland after a falling out with her mother. Zack Diamond Jez's son who struggled with his feelings towards his father's multiple affairs.

Rhona and Shona Mansfield New twin pupils. Their mother and grandmother were engaged in a custody battle with both twins having a different opinion on their future. Tariq Siddiqui A new student from Michael's previous school. Brought with him a major gang problem exacerbated by Kyle Stack's return and a history with new Headmaster, Michael Byrne. He alone moved to Scotland with Waterloo Road now in a wheelchair following the bus crash at the end of season seven.

Trudi Siddiqui Tariq's sister. Dated Finn despite pressures from her brother. Left at the end of season seven pregnant with Finn's baby. Nadeem Siddiqui Tariq's other, younger, sister. Almost died in a fire. Left at the end of season seven. Phoenix Taylor A new student who looked after his sick grandmother until she died.

Feared his abusive dad. Harley Taylor Phoenix's brother. Developed something of a friendship with Grantly.

Aidan Scotcher Rob's son and a new pupil. A womaniser, he quickly became Jess' boyfriend but cheated on her with Vicki, culminating in getting both of them pregnant. While Vicki had a miscarriage, Aidan decided to stick by Jess. Wayne Johnson Michael's stabber who returned to torment him. Maggie Croft A new canteen assistant who quickly became rivals and friends with Grantly.

When Grantly's wife died, the two developed romantic feelings for each other, leading to them running the school house as a married couple in Scotland. Niki Boston A new English teacher with a tough, no nonsense approach, earning her a lot of respect from her colleagues. Series Eight Lorrane Donnegan First appeared in Season Seven but took a more prominent role this season as the school's investor.

Decried Michael's traditional syllabus in favour of getting the kids doing more practical exercises in business management and design. Gerard Finley Michael's rival headteacher at Haverlock High. Disliked Waterloo Road for 'stealing' his pupils. Set out on a very personal campaign to discredit Michael. A tough and traditional History teacher, fomerly of Haverlock High. Christine Mulgrew An English teacher with a son at the school.

She and Connor have a difficult relationship owing to her drinking problems. Jade Fleming A new student who ran away from her children's home with her boyfriend after he stabbed someone. Lived in a squat for some time but appealed to Waterloo Road for help upon discovering her pregnancy. Her boyfriend was arrested but she went to stay at the School House. Angus Hancock A former Haverlock High pupil.

Remained loyal to his friends causing trouble for the Waterloo Road kids. Connor Mulgrew Christine's son. Has a difficult relationship with her owing to her alcoholism. Developed a friendship with Imogen. Imogen Stewart A new student and friend of Connor's.

Lula Tsibi A new student who's uncle attempted to have her exorcised, believing she was possessed by an evil spirit.

Her behavioural problems mellowed out when her mother stepped up to help her. Initially, she is pretty hopeless as a teacher but grows into the role. Hector Reid A new PE teacher brought in by Simon to reinforce his new 'Resilience Initiative' who has something of a laddish attitude and the arrogance to match. He finds himself being stalked by pupil Gabriella Wark and struggles to cope with the fallout of her actions.

Has his sights firmly set on Sue and has an affair with her in Series George Windsor A modern languages teacher who returns to the UK after spending a long time in Shanghai. He introduces classes in Mandarin even though he doesn't speak it very well comes up with several schemes to try and keep up the charade. After his wife leaves him, he has short-lived relationships with Christine and Carol. In Series 10 he leaves the school after new headteacher Vaughn Fitzgera;d introduces a series of community initiatives, stating that he has "no interest in being part of this happy clappy new dawn".

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Gabriella Wark The daughter of rich parents and future heiress to multimillion pound fashion empire "Woven By Wark". Her parents are distant because they blame her for her younger sister's accidental death years previously, which sparks a series of self-destructive delinquency including stalking Hector and stealing his car. At the end of Series 9, her one-sided feud with Kacey hits its peak when she challenges her to a climbing challenge and pushes her off the wall.

She returns in Series 10, attempting to atone for her past actions but faces a lot of hostility from staff and pupils alike. Darren Hughes A not especially bright pupil with a mother who is both a drug addict and a prostitute. He is shown to have misogynist tendencies and seriously crosses the line in this respect when it emerges that he has been filming the school's female pupils in the changing rooms.

In Series 10, he moves into the school house after his mother dies of a drug overdose. Shaznay Montrose Waterloo Road's latest loud-mouthed delinquent. If there's trouble, expect her to be involved somehow. Frequently paired up with Lisa Brown in various schemes or in bullying other pupils. Archie Wong A Chinese student whose Mandarin far outstrips George and, along with Kevin, is later recruited by George and eventually Christine to help salvage the Mandarin course when it becomes clear that George has no solid grasp of the language.

Keen to make his mark on the school with several community involvement initiatives and happy to give a clean slate to students who committed misdeeds before he arrived. On his first day, his ex-wife Olga drops his children Justin and Leo on him after she suffers a breakdown.

This leads to considerable disharmony as his children move in with him, his new partner Allie, and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Has been shown to be especially hard on Justin because of his violent tendencies and general delinquency following the family's new living arrangements.

Allie Westbrook Vaughn's current partner and Waterloo Road's new art teacher. Tries to keep the newly merged Fitzgerald and Westbrook families happy and has some success with Leo but struggles considerably with Justin. Breaks up with Vaughn at the end of Series 10 Part 1 and is revealed to have left the school along with Floyd and Tiffany at the start of Seres 10 Part 2.

Justin Fitzgerald Vaughn's eldest son. Absolutely hates both Vaughn and Allie for the breakup of Vaughn and Olga's marriage and determined to destroy their relationship however he can. Becomes violent and delinquent after starting at Waterloo Road, much to Vaughn's anger, and later enters into a relationship Tiffany after discovering her crush on him. Leo Fitzgerald Vaughn's younger son.

Quiet and more reserved than his older brother and happy to just go with the flow rather than try and cause trouble like Justin. Tiffany Westbrook Allie's daughter.

Janeece Bryant

Keen for the two families to get along and develops a crush on Justin that later develops into a relationship. Eventually breaks up with Justin and leaves the school along with Allie and Floyd at the end of Series 10 Part 1.

Floyd Westbrook Allie's son. Reluctant to make peace with Justin and Leo, and shown to have something of a crush on Gabriella.

Leaves the school with Allie and Tifany at the end of Series 10 Part 1. Olga Fitzgerald Vaughn's ex-wife and Leo and Justin's mother. Suffers a breakdown at the start of Series 10 and hands Leo and Justin over to Vaughn while she goes into a care home. Moves to Newcastle after Vaughn stops paying for her psychological care.

She returns in the second half of Series 10 as a supply teacher, covering for Allie after her departure. Lorna Hutchinson The school's new deputy head after Simon's departure and hired by Vaughn to work closely with him to fight the proposed merger with Havelock High.

She takes a strong interest in Kenzie and becomes determined to help her through her learning difficulties. Marco D'Olivera Waterloo Road's new science teacher. Because he's entered teaching after a career in industry, he doesn't have the tightest grip on things and struggles to control his pupils.

Has a rivalry with Guy rooted in the prediction that the school will only be able to keep one of them on staff once the merger with Havelock High takes place. Also shown to have something of a crush on Lorna. Guy Braxton The school's new graphics teacher. His first episode reveals that pupil Carrie Norton is actually his sister who he became estranged from after hospitalising their stepfather, and that he is sleeping rough in the school changing rooms.

Kenzie Calhoun A student brought in as part of Vaughn's scheme of accepting students that no other school will take. Seemingly has serious behavioural problems; with her file noting she has kleptomaniac tendencies, and her trying to attack Scott with a pair of scissors after he insults her mother.

After some digging, Lorna discovers that she has been a carer for her ME-afflicted mother since she was a child and is practically illiterate. She only stole schoolbooks from people in order to learn to read and write.

She is also filled with jealousy when Donte begins dating fellow student Celine. After the fire in the last episode of series three, it is revealed in series 4 that Chlo and Donte have reconciled and are hoping to renew their vows for a fresh start. Nevertheless, the much-loved couple find themselves at odds when Chlo falls pregnant. Tom decides to use his personal savings to buy them a flat, allowing Chlo to attend university. With the distractions of his personal life, Tom is initially depicted as slightly neglectful in the classroom and highly resistant to Andrew Treneman 's interference in the school.

However, he soon develops as a caring individual who will do anything for the pupils under his care. He began a relationship with Davina Shackleton after Izzie's death, but this relationship ended due to his preoccupation with helping Rose Kelly and her troubled family. He steps down as Head of Pastoral Care after Rose's son Earl murders Maxine Barlowbut is delighted that his old friend Kim Campbell is re-appointed to the role on his recommendation.

Tom's relationship with Rose peters out after he learns of the existence of his own son, Josh Stevensonwho attends Waterloo Road as a pupil. After again adjusting to life as a parent, Josh comes out as gay and Tom faces his prejudices to accept his son for what he is.

Tom attempts to help Josh's first boyfriend, Nate Gurney 's father to also accept his son's sexuality, but is severely beaten and briefly suffers from agoraphobia as a result. This ruins his hopes of a romance with Cesca Montoya and he is later disgusted when it transpires that she had been having a relationship with a pupil. In series 7, Tom supports Rose and her daughter, Sambuca when Sambuca is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Done names Sambuca's final episode, where Tom locates her in Blackpool and is present as she dies, as his favourite episode of Waterloo Road. Tom briefly resigns when he discovers that Michael has had an affair with his co-deputy headteacher, Sian Diamond Jaye Jacobs.

Tom is furious to learn that Josh has started smoking cannabisand is helped by new Head of English, Nikki Boston Heather Peace in tackling his son's issues. Although he goes clean, Josh develops schizophrenia and is admitted to hospital.

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When Josh becomes embroiled in the gang violence engulfing the school, leading to him being shot by Kyle Stack with a crossbow, his mind is made up and they both travel to Scotland.

Tom is initially sceptical about the move to Scotland, but is helped by the recovered Josh's newly positive attitude. Tom is also grieving the death of another of Rose's children, Denzilwho was killed by an out-of-control lorry on the way to Scotland. He initially hides his emotions and neglects to contact Rose about a tribute for Denzil at the school, but after helping pupil, Lula Tsibi with her own family troubles he comes to terms with his loss.

He continues to offer his support to the Waterloo Road pupils; he helps a suicidal Tariq Siddiqui find a new purpose in life, eases the tension between Nikki and Scout Allen in the new Pupil Referral Unit, and helps Kacey Barry through issues with her gender identity.

When Josh is offered a job by Lorraine DonneganTom reluctantly lets him go and later is forced to bid farewell to Sian when she resigns for hitting a pupil. When Bolton Smilie returns to Waterloo Road after absconding from the army, it is Tom's guidance that he seeks and reveals that he ran away after witnessing the death of his best friend.

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When his longtime colleague, Grantly Budgen Phillip Martin Brown is diagnosed with severe kidney failure and falls into a coma, Tom responds to his wife Maggie 's Melanie Hill requests for a donor. Although he begins to doubt his decision, he helps Maggie with the running of the school house and ultimately confirms his decision to donate a kidney.

When Grantly awakes from his coma he initially refuses to accept Tom's offer, but Tom and Maggie convince him to change his mind. Tom is initially unforgiving towards Kyle, suspecting an ulterior motive to his return, but is eventually convinced that a spell in prison has taught Kyle the value of an education.